How To Download an e-EPIC Card pdf by voter portal

We provide instructions on how to download an e-EPIC card in pdf format। The best way to download e-EPIC Election Cards from


हर व्यापक मतदाता जिन्होंने वैध EPIC

25 जनवरी से 31 जनवरी 2021: नए मतदाताओं को पंजीकृत किया गया

जब अनूठी समीक्षा परिवर्तन 2020

पहले फरवरी 2021 से: हर आम मतदाता

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How To Download an e-EPIC Card pdf

Step by step instructions to Download Election Card With Photo Online

It will be a secure, non-editable, convenient PDF report design form of the EPIC (about 250 KB), which can be downloaded on a portable device or printed on a personal computer। Accordingly, an elector could store the card on his portable device, transfer it to Digi storage, or print it and

self-covering it। This is in spite of PVC EPIC being granted for new registration।

How To Download an e-EPIC Card?

Resident can Download e-EPIC From

Vote Helpline Mobile application

Download Detail From Here.

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The most effective method to Download Election Card With Photo Online

Another attempt has been made by the Election Commission of India’s ICT division to plan a portable application. Their goal is to promote a culture of energetic discretionary commitment and ensure that citizens of the country make morally and educated choices when voting। The application was initially sent out on August 30, 2018, and was..।

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એડ્રેસ બદ્લવાની પુરી પ્રોસેસ વિડીયો


મતદાર યાદી માં આપનું નામ ચેક કરવા માટેની લીંક

Dowanload E epic Card

તમારા ગામ કે શહેરની મતદાર યાદી અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો


Click Here To Read PDF  

E -epic Paripatra Download Here 

Download Voter Helpline App

How do I download e-EPIC?

You can download the digital version of the voter ID card on your mobile phone or computer। Voter Portal and NVP Portal allow you to download e-EPIC। But the Voter Helpline Mobile app (Android/iOS) can also download the voter-ID card।

Voter Portal:


Voter Helpline Mobile app (Android / iOS)

More Details: Click Here
Steps to download Voter ID
Register/Login on Voter portal
Steps for e-KYC
Register/Login on Voter portal

How to Download Election Card With Image Online, Voter PDF को डाउनलोड करने का क्या तरीका है? डाउनलोड करने के लिए दर्शक कार्ड, Citizen Card डाउनलोड करने का तरीका, download citizen card along with pictures, 2021 में नागरिक पासपोर्ट डाउनलोड करें, डाउनलोड करें राजनीतिक रेस कार्ड, राजनीतिक रेस कार्ड डाउनलोड करने का तरीका, राजनीतिक जातीय पहचान पत्र डाउनलोड करना, विधानसभा के प्रत्येक राज्य के मतदाता कार्ड pdf डाउनलोड कैसे करें, दर्शक की पहचान कैसे छापें, वकील की पहचान कैसे निकालें, auditor card ko print kaise kare, Citizen ID print kaise le, नवीन मतदाता पहचान पत्र, नागरिक पहचान पत्र, structure number 6, structure number 6 structure 6 in Gujarati language, How to fill structure 6 in Gujarati? नई नागरिक पहचान आवेदन प्रणाली, नई चुनाव आयोग प्रणाली,

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About Voter Helpline App

The Election Commission of India is continuing its endeavors to build a functioning popularity-based populace in the country. They are currently planning a mobile application in order to encourage a culture of eager discretionary commitment and ensure that the country’s citizens make morally and educated choices when voting। The application is expected to allow one-on-one customer-facing interaction and international data transfer। Indian citizens can apply for the following offices:

Download Voter helpline app

A. Discretionary Search (#GoVerify your name in the appointive roll)

B. Accommodation of online structures for New Voter Registration, moving to an alternate

the electorate, for Overseas Voters, Deletion or Objection in the electing roll, amendment of sections and Transposition inside Assembly.

C. Register Complaints identified with Electoral Services and track its removal status

D. The FAQ on Voter, Elections, EVM, and Results

E. Administration and Resources for Voters and Electoral Officers

F: Find the Election Schedule in your space

G: Find every one of the applicants, their profile, Income Statement, resources, criminal cases

H: Find the Polling Officials and call them: BLO, ERO, DEO, and CEO

I: Click a selfie subsequent to Voting and persuade an opportunity to be included in the Official Voter Helpline App Gallery.

J: Download the rundown of Contesting competitors in PDF arrangement and take the printout.

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