Gyan Sadhana Scholarship Old Paper Study Materials 2024

We are providing comprehensive information on how to download past years’ old Gyan Sadhna Scholarship papers.

It is common knowledge that students are looking for previous exam papers or practice questions for the Gyan Sadhana Scholarship.

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National Scholarship Portal (Nsp) Registration Form, Status, and Login

Schools and institutes can register on NSP if they have valid AISHE or DISE codes. Click the “Search Institute/School/ITI” link in the upper right corner of the screen at toa find out if schools or institutes are registered on the NSP Portal.

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👉To Check Eligibility You Need To Go To The National Scholarship Website

You Must Select The “services” option from the website’s home page.

Select “scheme Eligibility” from the menu.

Enter information about your residence state or territory, course level, religion, caste or community category, gender, parent’s annual income, whether or not you are disabled, and the captcha code.

Click “check Eligibility” Option

Check List Of Ministry Coordinators

Visit the National Scholarship Portal’s official website.
A homepage will appear in front of you. Click the services link to access the services. Click on Verify The Ministry Coordinators List.
You will see a new window with a list of all the ministry officers and their contact information.

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Understand Your Aishe Code
As mentioned below, applicants must follow a few simple steps in order to find their Aishe code. The National Scholarship Database
Navigate to the National Scholarship Portal by clicking “services” from the website’s home page.
Select “Get Your Aishe Code.” Choose Your Institution Type, State, District, University Type, and Name from the Drop-down List.

Download the NSP mobile application and select the “Submit” option to view the list of colleges with the Aishe code.

CET પ્રશ્ન બેંકના નમૂના PDF ફાઈલ માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

CET માટે 1321 પ્રશ્ન બુક માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

CET પ્રશ્ન બેંક ડાંગ માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

જ્ઞાન સાધના શિષ્યવૃતિ ધોરણ 8 માટે PDF બુક ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

જ્ઞાન સાધના શિષ્યવૃત્તિ પરીક્ષા માટે 200 પેજ બુક સુરેન્દ્રનગર ડાવુનલોડ કરવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

વધુ સાહિત્ય આ સાઈટ પર દરરોજ મૂકવામાં આવશે તો સાઈટ સાચવી રાખી દરરોજ મુલાકાત લેવી

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Gyan Sadhana Scholarship Old Papers or Previous years Papers Download in PDF 2023

Subject Download Link
Science Click Here to Download
Mathematics Click Here to Download
Gujarati Click Here to Download

Gyan Sadhana Exam Practice Paper

GSSE Paper 1 // Answer Key 1

GSSE Paper 2 // Answer Key 2

GSSE Paper 3 // Answer key 3

GSSE Paper 4 // Answer key 4

GSSE Paper 5 // Answer key 5

GSSE Paper 6 // Answer key 6

GSSE Paper 7 // Answer key 7

GSSE Paper 8 // Answer key 8

CET Gyna Sadhana Video CLICK HERE

Old Practice Paper

Practice Paper 2023 Gyan Sadhana Click Here
CET નમૂનાની પ્રશ્નબૅંક pdf Download
Home Page Click Here
પરીક્ષા તૈયારી Whatsapp Group Link CLICK HERE
Standard 8 Mathematics
No. Chapter Name Course Link
1 સંમેય સંખ્યાઓ View Course
2 એક ચલ સુરેખ સમીકરણ View Course
3 ચતુષ્કોણની સમજ View Course
4 પ્રાયોગિક ભૂમિતિ View Course
5 માહિતી નું નિયમન View Course
6 વર્ગ અને વર્ગમૂળ View Course
7 ઘન અને ઘનમૂળ View Course
8 રાશિઓ ની તુલના View Course
9 બૈજિક પદાવલિઓ અને નિત્યસમ View Course
10 ઘનાકારો નું પ્રત્યક્ષીકરણ View Course
11 માપન View Course
12 ઘાત અને ઘાતાંક View Course
13 સમપ્રમાણ અને વ્યસ્ત પ્રમાણ View Course
14 અવયવિકારણ View Course
15 આલેખ નો પરિચય View Course
16 સંખ્યા અને રમત View Course

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Standard 8 Science
No. Chapter Name Course Link
1 પાક ઉત્પાદન અને વ્યવસ્થાપન View Course
2 સુક્ષ્મ જીવો : મિત્ર અને શત્રુ View Course
3 સંશ્લેષિત (કુત્રિમ) રેસાઓ અને પ્લાસ્ટિક View Course
4 પદાર્થો: ધાતુ અને અધાતુ View Course
5 કોલસો અને પેટ્રોલિમ View Course
6 દહન અને જ્યોત View Course
7 વનસ્પતિઓ અને પ્રાણીઓ નું સંરક્ષણ View Course
8 કોષ: રચના અને કાર્યો View Course
9 પ્રાણીઓ માં પ્રજનન View Course
10 તરુણાવસ્થા તરફ View Course
11 બળ અને દબાણ View Course
12 ઘર્ષણ View Course
13 ધ્વનિ View Course
14 વિદ્યુતપ્રવાહ ની રાસાયણિક અસરો View Course
15 કેટલીક કુદરતી ઘટનાઓ View Course
16 પ્રકાશ View Course
17 તારાઓ અને સૂર્યમંડળ View Course
18 હવા અને પાણીનું પ્રદુષણ View Course

Visit The National Scholarships Portal

To access the Google Play Store on your Android mobile device, click the “get it on Google Play” option located in the upper right corner of the page.
Enter “National Scholarship” in the search bar.
To install the application on your phone, click the Install option.
Recognize Your Payment

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👉Documents Required :-

Passbook for Aadhar Card Bank Accounts.
Caste Certificate In Case You Fit Into An Exclusive Group.
Proof of Income Based on the Type of Scholarship You Received.
Mobile number; passport-size photo; previous year’s certificate of education qualifications.
Certification of Self-Declaration.
The NSP Scholarship’s Goal

The primary goal of the NSP Scholarship 2021 is to guarantee that the scholarships will be awarded to the students on time. Currently, in order to streamline the application process for students, a common platform for scholarship plans from the federal and state governments should be created, allowing for no processing duplication and the creation of a learner’s database.

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Central Sector Scheme Of Scholarship Online Form 2020-21

Advantages Of Nsp 2.0: Access All Scholarship Information Through A Single Portal
Simple Application Process
Students should use the Single Integrated Application to suggest the best scholarship program to apply to. Do not submit duplicate applications.
Open Records.
Current Information Accessible
Serve as a Department and Ministry Decision Support System (Dss).

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Registration Procedure Of National Scholarship Portal


Initial Step Enrollment
In order to register yourself, visit the National Scholarship website and click “new Registration” on the home page.
Read the instructions when they appear on the screen, check the box, and select “continue.”
Enter the requested information, including your name, date of birth, mobile number, gender, email address, bank information, and so forth.

Step 2: Log in by entering the captcha code and clicking the “register” option.

Use your “student Registration Id” to log in.
On the “application Form” icon, click.

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On the screen, the application form will appear.

Complete the requested information. I.e., the student’s name, date of birth, community or category, father’s name, Aadhaar card number, mobile number, scholarship category, gender, religion, mother’s name, annual family income, email address, and so on
When you click “Save & Continue,” the next page opened.
Upload the documents’ scanned copies.
Select “final Submission.”
And so the Application Is At Last Submitted.
How to Verify Scheme-Wise Scholarship Check The Sanctioned List To See If You Qualify For The National Scholarship


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