Gujarat Earthquake: 😱ગુજરાતમાં અનેક જગ્યાએ તીવ્ર ભૂકંપ!

Gujarat Earthquake: Earthquakes were felt in many states of India this morning… Earthquakes were felt in Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Meghalaya today… Earthquake of magnitude 4.2 in Rapar, Kutch.

Earthquake in Gujarat: Earthquake in several states of India shook the earth early today. Earthquake tremors have been felt in 4 states of the country including Gujarat. In which an earthquake of magnitude 4.2 was felt in Rapar of Kutch. On the other hand, a magnitude 3.8 earthquake was felt in Meghalaya’s Shillong, a 3.2 magnitude earthquake in Tamil Nadu’s Chengalpattu and a 3.1 magnitude earthquake in Vijaypur, Karnataka.

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💥 મફતમાં વાહનનો નંબર નાખી માલિકનું નામ જાણો.

Four states shake

Earthquake tremors have been felt in many states of India today. In which earthquake shocks have been felt in Karnataka’s Vijayapura, Gujarat’s Rapar taluk of Kutch, Tamil Nadu’s Chengalpattu and Menghalaya. A magnitude 3.1 tremor was felt at 6.52 am in Karnataka’s Vijayapuram. An earthquake was felt in Changalpattu district of Northern Tamil Nadu at 7.39 am on Friday morning. The epicenter was felt 10 kilometers from the ground. Its magnitude was 3.2 on the Richter scale. So, at 9 am in Kutch district of Gujarat, a shock of magnitude 3.9 was felt in Rapar taluka.

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Continuous tremors are coming in Kutch

As the hot and cold seasons change, tremors have started in different areas of Kutch. As the cold season begins in Kutch, a series of earthquake tremors have started. As it is cold now, the earth is constantly shaking in Kutch. Kutch has been experiencing continuous earthquake tremors for the past fifteen days. In which an earthquake of magnitude 4.2 was felt in Rapar, Kutch today at 9 o’clock in the morning. In which the epicenter of the earthquake was recorded 19 km away from Rapar. Due to the continuous aftershocks, panic has spread among the people of Kutch.

ગુજરાતી માં સમ્પુર્ણ ન્યૂઝ વાંચો

For some time now, the currents of North India have been continuously raging. Earthquake tremors are continuously felt in some parts of North India. But now the earthquake season has changed in Gujarat too. As the season changes, earthquake tremors have started in Kutch. Earthquake tremors have been felt in Kutch for the second consecutive day.

It is worth mentioning that earlier on November 19 and 20 earthquake shocks were felt in many states including Karnataka.

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