Gold Price Today’s Gold Price, 📉ફરી સોના-ચાંદીના ભાવમાં ઘટાડો

Gold Price Today: Gold and silver are regarded as safe investments।On special occasions like weddings, many people insist on buying gold jewelry।Gold and silver prices change every day।At present, gold prices are a little softer।यदि आप गोल्ड खरीदना चाहते हैं, तो यह बेहतरीन समय है।Let’s take a look at how gold prices are currently।
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Gold Price

The bullion market is experiencing active trading on the first day of the week on July 10, 2010।On MCX, gold and silver prices are lower।10 grams of gold are currently sold at Rs. 58640 instead of Rs. 142।Silver is also falling in price।Silver price fell by Rs 209 per kg on MCX।Nevertheless, prices are rising in the bullion market।The recently announced price of gold has increased by Rs 62 after two days today and now costs Rs 58648 per gram।

ઈન્ટરનેશનલ માર્કેટમાં સોનાનો ભાવ

Global market prices for gold and silver have plummeted. Silver is priced at $23.23 per ounce on Comex, while gold is priced at $1927 per ounce. This is ascribed to the strength of the US economy, declining bond yields, and the influence of employment data in the US.

In a Zee Business report, a research analyst at LKP Securities stated that the acquisition of gold is expected to rise at the current rate. Diwali is anticipated to cause a notable increase. Gold is probably going to reach 62500 by Diwali. We are almost at an all-time high with this price.

Bond yields and the dollar index are likely to decline if the Federal Reserve is seen as being a little more dovish than it is. Gold could thus reach 64,500 rupees.

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Know the price of gold by missed call

On Saturdays and Sundays, the IBJA and the Central Government do not publish gold and silver rates except on public holidays.

You can make a missed call on 8955664433 to know the retail price of 22 and 18 carat gold jewellery. You will soon receive a message with the latest gold and silver prices.

You can also visit website for ongoing updates.

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આજના સોનાના ભાવ પર આજના સોનાના લેટેસ્ટ ભાવ નીચે મુજબ છે.

  • Fine Gold (999) સોનાના ભાવ 1 ગ્રામના – 5753
  • 22 કેરેટ સોનાના ભાવ 1 ગ્રામના – 5615
  • 20 કેરેટ સોનાના ભાવ 1 ગ્રામના – 5120
  • 18 કેરેટ સોનાના ભાવ 1 ગ્રામના – 4660

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અગત્યની લીંક

સોના ચાંદિના લેટેસ્ટ ભાવ જાણવા માટે વેબસાઇટ અહિં ક્લીક કરો
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સોના ચાંદિના લેટેસ્ટ ભાવ જાણવા માટે વેબસાઇટ કઇ છે ?

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