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When was the last time an eye exam was performed? Are you unable to recall? You can quickly and easily test your vision at home with this free eye test! You ought to be able to determine whether you need to see an eye doctor after completing the tests. It’s enjoyable to complete the vision tests, and you can tell your friends about the results on Facebook!

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The application has 12 types of eye tests

A test for Ishihara color blindness
Color Cube Game to measure your reaction time and vision
Four tests of the Amsler grid
For macular degeneration, an AMD test
A survey on glaucoma
A written examination, also known as. To what extent are you familiar with the eye?
Test of Contrast Sensitivity
Test of Landolt C/Tumbling E
Test for astigmatism
Test duochrome
A test using an OKN strip
Test for Red Desaturation

A standard component of an eye exam is the visual acuity test, especially if there are vision issues. Many times, these vision issues can be improved or fixed when they are still young. Permanent vision damage may result from undiagnosed or untreated vision problems.

Check to see if you’re color blind.

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The Amsler grid is a system of vertical and horizontal lines used to examine visual issues resulting from modifications to the macula and optic nerve of the retina.


Millions of people worldwide suffer from age-related macular degeneration, a condition that worsens with age.

A test of contrast sensitivity determines one’s capacity to distinguish between light and dark.

In the majority of European nations, the Landolt C optotype is the industry standard for measuring acuity.

For those who are blind or visually impaired, this is the standard visual acuity test.


The visual ailment known as astigmatism results in blurred vision, making it challenging to see fine details up close or far away.

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You can determine your estimated long- or short-sightedness with this test.

an official examination to check your eyesight for particular eye conditions.

Since the optic nerve is sensitive to red, red objects may appear washed out, faded, or dull when it is damaged.

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How do I proceed if my results are poor?

You should consult an eye doctor if your results suggest that you might have vision issues. Maintaining eye health is aided by routine eye exams. Additionally, it enables your doctor to measure your eyesight and adjust your prescription as needed.

To maintain your eyesight and enhance your vision, you can also download apps for eye training. You ought to look after your vision and eyes more carefully. Maintaining the health of our vision is one of our top priorities. Ignoring eye exams and care can cause serious visual impairments.

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You should take this test to determine whether you require vision training or eye treatment if you have any issues with your eyes when using calendars, to-do apps, web browsers, writing messages, phone books, or call logs.

This visual acuity test enhances both your visual acuity and your night vision. Night vision improves night vision, it also improves night vision.

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