Download Mparivahan App For Vehicles Full details: Official App Of RTO Department.

The app will assist you in determining the vehicle’s age and current owner when you purchase a used car. This app will offer registration details for vehicles, including the owner’s name, the type of fuel, the registration date, and many other details like the engine and chassis numbers.

Check the details of your car’s registration. Change the owner details as soon as possible with Vahan RTO India if they are inaccurate.

Travelers and passengers can benefit greatly from this app in a variety of ways. For example, in the event that police are investigating an accident or vehicle-related crime, witnesses typically remember the initial area code letters, which makes it easy to narrow down the number of suspect vehicles to a much smaller number by using the app without needing to know the entire number.

Verification of the vehicle’s registration number is also necessary when selling or transferring ownership.

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This application can also be used as a vehicle information tracker to locate the registration details of your own city or state while out for a picnic or tour.

gives citizens access to the Transport Service via a mobile application. With the help of this app, citizens can instantly access a variety of services, resources, and information pertaining to the transportation industry. aimed to improve system transparency and citizen convenience.

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This official government app allows you to search for any RTO vehicle registration number in India. It offers comprehensive details about an automobile, such as

– Owner Name
– Registration date
– Registering Authority
– Make Model
– Fuel Type
– Vehicle Age
– Vehicle class
– Insurance Validity
– Fitness Validity

In addition to the aforementioned features, this app allows you to create virtual DL and RC and to verify DL details.

Highlights: RTO/Traffic Office Locations, Road Offense Reporting, Road Accident Reporting, Virtual RC/DL, Encrypted QR Code, Information Services, and Transport Notification to the Citizen. Complete services pertaining to the Transport Office will also be made available shortly.

Download M-Parivahan App

A detailed display of all these details will be provided.

The primary advantages of this app are:

1. Enter the registration number to find details about any vehicle that has been stolen, parked, or was an accident.
2. Check the details of your car’s registration.
3. Check the details of a used car.
4. You can confirm the age and registration details if you wish to purchase a used car.