🦶 Don’t accidentally touch these people’s feet

Virgin bride, father-in-law, worshiper…: Do not touch the feet of these 9 people even by mistake, you will not get blessings, you will become a fugitive of sin.

In Sanatan Dharma, Charan Parsha means touching feet is considered as giving respect. It is an Indian tradition to kick someone older than us when we meet them. Also, many benefits of foot marriage have been mentioned in the scriptures. Along with this, it is also stated that under certain circumstances and certain people’s feet should not be touched. Let’s find out about it today.

A son-in-law should not touch the feet of a father-in-law.

According to mythology, a son-in-law should not touch his father-in-law’s feet under any circumstances. It is said that this tradition has been going on ever since Mahadev beheaded King Daksha.

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Bhanje should not step on Mama’s feet.

It is said that Bhanje should never touch his maternal uncle’s feet. It is believed that this rule has been prevalent ever since Lord Krishna killed Kansa. Even today people do not deny this.

virgin girl

According to religious beliefs a man should never touch the feet of virgin girls. In fact, in ancient tradition virgin girls are considered to be the embodiment of Gods and Goddesses. Those who do so will become partakers of sin….

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Sannyasis never touch anyone’s feet…..

In the eternal religious tradition, the ascetic has always been looked upon with respect. A sannyasin never touches anyone’s feet after taking sannyasin initiation. You must have seen this with great yogis and saints. In such a situation one who is a Sannyasi or aspiring to Sannyas should always keep this in mind….

One should not touch the feet of a sleeping person.

According to religious belief, one should not touch one’s feet if he is lying down or sleeping. However, only the feet of the dead person are touched. It is said that one who does so becomes a partaker of sin. In such a situation this should always be taken care of.

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Don’t touch anyone’s feet in the temple…..

Experts in religious scriptures say that no matter how old a person is, one should not touch his feet if he is in a temple. Doing so insults the idols of the deities located in the temple. Moreover, no one can save those who do so in the temple premises from being guilty of sin. So always keep this in mind. However, it is not prohibited to do so outside the temple premises.

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impure person…..

According to the beliefs of Sanatan Dharma, one should not touch one’s feet if one is in a state of impurity. It is said that one who does this has to become a vessel of sin.

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો

At the time of worship

It is said that one should not touch one’s feet if one is performing puja, chanting beads or singing bhajans. By doing this no one can avoid being part of sin. However, one can touch his feet after performing the puja. #🦶 Don’t accidentally touch these people’s feet

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