👩 Tips to prevent hair fall in winter

Tips / શિયાળામાં મોટાભાગના લોકોને હોય છે વાળ ખરવાની સમસ્યા, ફોલો કરો આ સરળ ટિપ્સ

Most of the people have this problem in winter
Dandruff causes hair loss
Follow these tips to prevent hair fall

Regular oiling should be done to remove dryness of hair in winter. Along with this, you will also get relief from winter dandruff. Make sure to massage the hair well before shampooing and then shampoo after a few minutes.

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Shampoo from time to time

People feel lazy in winter. Due to which they do not shampoo on time which is not good for our hair. So make it a habit to shampoo twice a week.

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